Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Great Reasons to start your career as a HGV Driver

Monday, 20 July 2015

Job Security and Good Money in a Role that is really 'Going Places'

With a growing market and pay that is potentially way above the median UK salary, the title of this post is not only a terrible pun, but an accurate description of a career driving Heavy Goods Vehicles. So if you are looking at a new career, whether it be from a young age or looking for a bit of change, this post should hopefully provide you with some information and advice on what it is like to go truckin' vocationally.

What does the job entail?

Well, essentially being a HGV Driver is transporting goods from one destination to another. However, asides from that there are other job requirements that include a responsibility to ensure goods are safely secured, a pride in keeping your vehicle in good condition, expert loading and unloading of a vehicles cargo.

The further you go through this career the more avenues (sorry, another poor pun) begin to open up. Progression within the industry could lead to qualifications that allow you to transport more specialist cargo, work in the training side of the industry or to become involved with logistics and transport management.

Money and Hours.

As previously mentioned the money in HGV Driving is at worst pretty good. The National Careers Service estimates that the starting salary for a driver can begin at between £18k-£22k. Then within a few years it could rise to at least £35k. Naturally as the industry grows and the need for drivers increases it is likely that these figures could also increase- making it a very lucrative career. These figures compare favourably with the National Median Salary which is at about £20k for all jobs.

Working in the HGV Industry can mean that you are working fairly long hours, with Total Jobs stating that the average weekly hours for a driver are 48. However, the work patterns for HGV drivers are fairly ruled upon with appropriate breaks and holidays stipulated in EU Legislation.

Is work readily available?

As noted in a previous article, there are literally thousands of jobs available in the HGV Industry, and this is only going to grow as the average age of drivers means that more positions become available.

What Next?

The next step for anyone who wishes to look into a career along these lines is to get some training, this is generally available through week-long crash courses at a price of around £1200 including test fees- this represents a great investment on the basis of future employment and working security.

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